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Vision Statement:

Our vision is to win souls for Jesus Christ one song at a time.


Mission Statement:

Engage the culture. Embrace the light.

1. Revamp Music Ministry wants an intimate place in the city of Springfield where music ministers, both new and seasoned could come forth as a team to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. The studio would provide Revamp Music Ministry with the tools to communicate the gospel effectively through music and great product.

2. Our target is anyone who has the passion to live out their God given purpose.

3. Our short term goal is to impact popular culture and resource the ministry through music, music related content and services consistent with biblical worldviews that lead people to Christ.

4. Our long term goal is to expand to mentoring, tutoring, teaching and helping people apply the Word of God to their Christian walk of life. We want to have the resources to fulfill the commission to make deciples of the nations, feed the hungry, clothed the naked and visit the incarcerated. We also will work towards becoming a non profit organization corporation.

5. In the first 3 months of opening this studio, we see the Kingdom of God using this studio to record, pray, fast, study the word, fellowship, evangelize, mentor, teach, preach and create tools to help spread the gospel.

6. Our main goal is to win souls for Christ one song at a time.

7. The funds raised will go towards becoming a non profit corporation, hosting events for the community geared towards stopping violence, the war on drugs, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, visiting the incarcerated and equipment necessary to fullfill these goals.

8. Revamp was started November 17th, 2012 at Cedarville College.

9. These are the ministers of music who have ministered at past events: Lorrenzo "Gospel Man" Anderson, Clifford "Phillytf" Holt, Martin "Saint Woods" Woods, Kevin "K.A. Gfls Allen, James " J-Valor" Hall, Ray "Min-Nista" Lindsey, Davolia "Irrelevant" Knight, Anthony "AE Da MC Preacher", Ryan "Gwalah" Johnson, Antwoin "Iceberg" Jeffries, Minister RaShawn Truss, John Anthony Blackburn, St. James, J.J. "Priest Jamar" Peck, Stephen "B.I.G.S.T.E.V.E." Williams, Neco Benson, Alex "Audio" Nunery, Nakeesha "Phoenix" Moody, Akeem " Skye" Towns, Chryssy Payne, Dez Valines, Chebrya Jeffrey

10. New people can join as ministers or helpers to plan events. In order to join there will be an interview process which will be a conversation and in order to be on the Revamp board a person will have to be applying the word to their life. No one is perfect, but they must be living what they are preaching and teaching.


11. Revamp has events every 3-4 months. But in the future we want a building to have events once a month. (We are currently DJing every month at SOS Christian Night Club)


12. The way we will make this a safe place is by monitoring behaviors at all times. The police will know about the studio because of our impact on the community area around us.

13. The way people will know where their money is going because they will see the fruit we produce and we will take everyone's information to keep in touch with them to give them updates on upcoming events, new music, new merchandise, and where we will be next.

14. Future funds to keep Revamp running will come from fundraisers, recorded music, and donations. Yes, Revamp will disburse out of pocket as needed. So far I have funded each event as needed.

15. What we have accomplished so far is growing the ministers of music involved from four different cities. Our events are free and open to all ages. Each event has food provided. Springfield, Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati come together where ever the venue is and we praise God. There have been all types of people who are inspired by our music to live for Christ.

End Statement:

Matthew 28:19-20 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.


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